Barn Swallows

Mount Moreland


In South Africa, as spring arrives in September, the migratory Barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) start to appear. At Mt Moreland, South Africa's largest roost, the initial small flocks swell to thousands and then millions. By November 3 to 5 million Barn Swallows can be seen every evening over the Lake Victoria wetland roost.

This awesome spectacle, half an hour before sunset, of the Barn Swallows coming home to roost every night has become a world wide attraction as a Mount Moreland Lake Victoria Natural Wonder and Global Treasure.

The reedbed roost site the Barn Swallows have chosen is a wetland, locally known as the Lake Victoria Wetland, it is covered with indigenous Phragmities reeds.

The Barn Swallows at Mount Moreland and their roosting habitat are now recognized as a world famous Barn Swallow site and IBA (International Birding Area).


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