Durban, KwaZulu Natal


In many ways BESETdurban is an experiment that has become a movement. There exists a common misconception that the small port city of Durban at the southern tip of Africa is sleepy, backwater and generally unappealing. BESETdurban intent, goal and mission was to have this notion corrected, even destroyed. BESETdurban aim was to have it replaced with a more true, more exciting notion, that Durban is worth exploring.

Many great global cities are immediately striking, glamorous, exciting or breathtakingly beautiful. In our opinion these kinds of cities, and they are numerous, give themselves away too easily; they reveal their secrets at first glance. They are amazing yes, but often what you see is what you get; often there is very little substance if you dig too deep.

Durban is not that kind of city.

Durban will make you work to discover her. She is not a show off. She is certainly beautiful, but she will make you work hard to find her substance. Durban is a very deep city, a city fill of grit and history. In many ways it is a layered city which reveals more each time you dig deeper.

Feeding off of this belief, we formed BESETdurban to embark on urban explorations. BESETdurban purpose as we see it is to re-introduce Durbanites to their city, and proudly introduce the world to our incredible home.

The primary ways BESETdurban believe that they can achieve these goals, is to arrange regular public walks in specific areas of interest. BESETdurban will usually organise for one or more people-in-the-know to join us on the walk, and to share their knowledge; you can expect anything from well researched information and history, to interesting tidbits and even the odd urban myth. To date BESETdurban have had the privilege of being educated and entertained by well known architects, city officials, urban planners, designers, historians and professors.

At BESETdurban we have some basic rules that they try and stick to:
BESETdurban will walkIt is BESETdurban firm belief that it is only on foot that you truly plug in to a city. It provides opportunities to stop, reflect, listen and observe in a way that no other form of transport allows.

They will be freeBESETdurban are not out to become millionaires (at least not through BESET). We will always keep entry to our public walks free; there are already enough barriers to people getting out and experiencing the undiscovered parts of their city.