ComSpec will supply you with a professional Property Evaluation Report that is visual with measurable facts, to the point and in Layman's terms. Disputes with an accurate factual report are normally resolved in the early stages.
The validity of a property evaluation report from ComSpec Property Services is controlled by the same Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and as a neutral 3rd party delivering a service.
Today, a seller, agent or developer can’t afford not to do a "Property Inspection" on the condition of a property. The CPA (already active) gives full protection to all buyers with a registration date after 1 April, 2011, so buyers must start to insist on such a report -as is their right.
The "Property Inspection" and role of the property inspector is to provide sensible answers regarding the physical condition of the property. Using his training, extensive knowledge and experience, the property inspector will document all significant observable defects, on the specified date and time, assess and explain the significance of each defect. Where practical, the inspector will provide an informed estimate as to the cost of repair.
This report should form part of the "offer to purchase". At the time of signing the "OTP" the condition of the property must be fully disclosed, thus the seller and agent are now protected from any hidden faults or defects that may be realised after the date of inspection.
ComSpec Property Services would prefer, purely from view point of "conflict of interest", not to do any maintenance or repair work to any of the properties they have inspected, unless the particular person / company has obtained two or more additional quotations and has based his/her request on this - obtaining a copy of these additional quotes for archiving purposes. Only then will the maintenance work be considered.