Eco Furniture Designs

6 Alpina Road, Claremont, Cape Town


Eco Furniture Designs' speciality is the design and manufacture of sustainable and affordable handcrafted wooden furniture. Used wood is reclaimed and re-cycled to create stylish, sturdy and exceptionally functional eco furniture designs, each piece crafted to individual size and finishing requests.

The main pursuit of Eco Furniture Designs is to contribute to the preservation of our environment without compromising on the quality of the furniture.

Eco Furniture Designs have a wide range available and each piece of furniture is custom made and unique. They can design and create rustic pieces as well as offer the option of specific or modern finishes. Let Eco Furniture Designs create you something truly one of a kind that will fit your space perfectly.


  • Rustic wooden headboards
  • coffee tables
  • dining tables and sets
  • storage chest
  • beds and bases
  • wooden toy boxes
  • office desks
  • trestle tables
  • duckboards
  • bookshelves and bookcases
  • dressers
  • pedestals
  • flower boxes
  • side tables
  • restaurant tables and benches
  • cafe tables
  • display tables
  • rustic/modern furniture