Fu Li Hua - Emperor's Palace

64 Jones Road, Kempton Park, Johannesburg


Fulihua has been operating since October 2000, and can lay claim to being the biggest Chinese restaurant in South Africa. It has a total seating capacity of 259 which is spread between the inside smoking and non-smoking sections, the exterior piazza seating and a VIP Dining Area on the mezzanine level of the restaurant which can accommodate 12 for a small private function. Whilst the wine list offers a selection from well known estates, in addition you can also enjoy Chinese Tsing Tao beer and Japanese Saki rice wine.

The decor is very traditional with red tablecloths, lanterns and oriental style artwork. All the chefs at Fulihua originate from China and as they are representative of a number of different Chinese provinces the restaurant is able to offer a number of styles of Chinese cooking. Whilst Chinese cuisine accounts for a large portion of the dishes available on the menu, Fulihua offers a wide variety of Asian cooking with dishes from Vietnam, Laos, Singapore and of course Thailand. It is therefore not surprising that Fulihua is exceedingly popular with the Asian community of greater Johannesburg.

With such a diverse menu there are many speciality dishes to choose from. Lovers of Chinese food will be impressed with the Sweet & Sour Chicken (or Pork), the Peking Duck, and the Sizzling Beef with spring onion and ginger which is served in the traditional manner on a hot plate. A favourite Vietnamese dish is the Fried Noodles with chicken, chopped vegetables and sesame seeds. If you enjoy spicy food then the Curried Chicken from Laos is highly recommended as are the Thai-style hot Spicy Prawns and the Thai Green Curry. There is also a comprehensive Sushi menu that offers combo selection and particularly good Salmon Platter.