i art ink Tattoo Studio

The Corner Cafe, Corner Brand and Cromwell Road, Durban, 4001


"i art ink" or the tattoo studio formally known as Mayhem Inc was born from the idea of improving the industry.

"i art ink" dedicate their talents to the creation of a studio that pushes the boundries of art, customer care and tattooing. Their studio has state of the art design and tattoo equipment. With superior ink to make your tattoos last longer, care products to heal up fast and have brighter, longer lasting and detailed tattoos. i art ink artists are experianced, award winning and multi-talented. The studio is surgically clean, open and artistically designed to accentuate their artistic integrity.

Nicole the owner of "i art ink" has 6 years tattooing experiance, with multiple studio management experiance too. She is renound for her portrait and fine line work with a well trained eye for detail. Nicole works fast and is efficient. Her favorite styles of tattooing are black and grey, portraits and fine line.

Dusty is the partner in the business and has 5 years tattooing experiance and over 10 years of designing and illustration, there is no design he cannot handle. Known for his colour illustrative style. Favorite styles are americana, traditional and comic book style.