Jimmy's Killer Prawns - Pietermaritzburg



A passion for quality seafood and making people happy and a dream - that's how the legend of Jimmy's Killer Prawns was born.

After studying marketing and working in the engineering industry, Jimmy was first exposed to the operational side of the restaurant industry when he was asked to help out a family member who had an interest in a problem restaurant.

When the problems were resolved and he returned to the engineering industry he realized his true passion lay in serving people and making them happy.

He opened three successful restaurants prior to the first Jimmy's Killer Prawns. When Jimmy was offered the Old Mining House site where the first Jimmy's was to be housed, he and his wife Penny fell in love with it and signed for it without knowing what they would do with it.

One night Jimmy had a dream about a Sunday lunch he had, with a group of his friends, in Lourenco Marques (now Maputo). In his dream Jimmy had a birdseye view of the table from above. When the waiters brought out four huge platters of prawns and placed them in the centre of the table for all to share, as if through a camera lens, he zoomed in on a platter of these prawns and woke up. He then knew that prawns were the product he needed to focus on in the new restaurant.

Today the Jimmy's franchise has 26 branches countrywide and even has one franchise in France! Jimmy's vision for quality seafood, served with love has remained true as evidenced by the continual growth of the chain.