Kai Thai Spa - Rabie Street

Corner of Rabie and Aimee Street, Fontainbleau, Gauteng


At Kai Thai Spa in Rabie Street, we have built a world of ultimate escape where all of these primary senses are nurtured into full bloom so that you can enjoy an incredible sensory experience.

Taste the extraordinary flavors of authentic Thai cuisine; feel the ebb and flow of traditional massage techniques as the therapist's skilled hands work all the tension and stiffness out of your muscles; see the incredible surroundings, decor and artwork that characterize their key inspiration, the beautiful country of Thailand and listen to the blissful quiet and serenity of their sanctuary.

Kai Thai Spa in Rabie Street is the perfect place for you to relax, rejuvenate and invigorate your senses while enjoying the ultimate pampering at the hands of their skilled Thai therapists.