Kauai - Pavilion

The Pavilion Centre, Corner of Jack Martin Drive and Spine Road, Westville, Durban, KwaZulu Natal



Started by three Californian college friends, KAUAI reached South African shores in 1996. Today KAUAI operates under the multi-brand food group, Real Foods (Pty) Ltd, with the mission to make healthy eating easy and accessible. The focus is on real foods, which are foods that are free of harmful, synthetic chemicals.

KAUAI have not only re-looked our entire healthy food ecosystem, but have also renewed their focus on customer service excellence, which is highlighted in the new slogan “Made Naturally. Served happily”.

KAUAI is passionate about health and well being and promise to deliver nothing but the very best in food and nutrition. Serving the best quality seasonal ingredients means they bring to customers real food that is, where possible, free of GMO’s and has no additives, preservatives, artificial colourants and flavourants.

KAUAI are committed to maintaining a supply chain that supports farmers using sustainable practices and to locally sourced fresh produce where possible

KAUAI aims to inspire a ‘real food’ revolution in South Africa, where KAUAI is the ‘better place’ to be. KAUAI make health and healthy eating habits accessible and exciting.

There are over 150 KAUAI stores nationwide, with continued expansion planned. KAUAI aim is to bring healthy eating closer to you.

KAUAI believe in:

  • Nutritional superiority
  • Ethically sourced, Fair Trade produce
  • Authenticity and Freshness
  • Energy and Theatre