Mzoli's Meat

Shop 3, NY 115, Guguletu, Cape Town


Mzoli's is infact a social animal by nature, who thrives on the company of other man, where he seeks people of similar tastes and interests to share moments together.

The Mzoli's meat has become a phenomenon that is changing the perception of lack of security and safety in the Townships, a perception that consistently seeks to associate crime and violence with black people without objectively giving some considerations to the history of black people over the world.

They have come up with the concept of a butchery restaurant which has proven to be a workable and profitable concept, "Gugulethu used to be attached to negative considerations and many people used to be afraid to go there in the past and complain of crime.

They came up with an aggressive marketing strategy to attract people from all walks of life and encourage them to come as they point out that an experience of the taste of Africa is not complete without the taste of townships.

At Mzoli's meat, their key is the quality of their products, recipes, the magnetic atmosphere and the person himself.

They fondly call their place the "United States of Africa" to reflect the diversity of different people from different corners of the continent that visit here on a daily basis.

Mzoli's also assist their community and its upcoming business persons. A lot of emerging and young business people come here for assistance.

It is not only black Africans that visit the Mzoli’s meat, about 40% or more of the clients are white Afrikaners or English speaking whites. They come here to buy their meat to enjoy with their drinks; they really enjoy what they are doing here.

Many people that visit South Africa from different corners of the world today visit Mzoli’s meat to intermingle with the rest of the human race and Mzoli’s meat has definitely become a tourists Mecca.

It is therefore not an over statement to say that the Mzoli’s meat is one of the safest places in South Africa.

Mzoli's is about meat. The famous meat house sells meat, which you can then braai on no fewer than eight fires. Alongside the meat house is an open-air restaurant where there is usually a live band. By late afternoon around 250 people swarm in here and the restaurant is a good place to sit and watch the happenings.

Mzoli's was opened in 2003 by Mzoli Ngcawuzele, who got a start-up fund from the Development Bank of South Africa as part of their support of black-owned businesses. From selling meat informally from a garage, Mzoli's, by 2006, had become one of the most popular hangouts in Cape Town.