37 Aviation Crescent, Airport City, 7490, Cape Town


Tracy Foulkes is the heart and soul behind NoMU. Her passion for flavour inspired her to start the company in December 2000 in a very small, front room of her home in central Cape Town. Tracey's love of spices and the stylish, uncomplicated way she loves to cook is very much evident in the NoMU range of products. Tracy is also well-known in South Africa as a food personality, appearing on television and live in a variety of promotional and food related programs and events. Tracy's photography, food styling and writing have also been featured in several magazines and now her monthly Recipe Mailer also allows her to exercise her favourite pastimes and passions while still on the job!

After almost one year, what had started as an experiment had now taken on real shape and Tracy asked her then boyfriend, Paul Raphaely, to join her as her business partner. As her first export enquiries began to arrive, she found that she was not able to cope and therefore asked Paul to leave a career in Brand Management and Advertising to help her make sense of the sudden expansion of her business. Shortly after this, Paul became a partner and took on the role of Managing Director and creative foil to Tracy's never-ending stream of new ideas.

Tracy and Paul are now married and still live and work in Cape Town but now also with their two littlest brand ambassadors, Joseph and Adam, firmly in tow and calling the shots!

They have also been lucky enough to gather an amazing team of highly motivated and energetic professionals to work with them in continuing to build this uniquely South African story. With each new staff addition, the business continues to grow and expand in new and unexpected directions. With Tracy as NoMU's Creative and New Product Development Director, it's anyone's guess where NoMU might eventually go next.

Since it's an informal company policy for NoMU to exclusively produce products that rather fit Tracy's own personal tastes and preferences for her own kitchen at home, who really knows what Tracy might accidentally discover a need for!

NoMU Factory

NoMU has always been about the enjoyment of building a uniquely. South African business, both as a highly motivated and enthusiastic team and also as a family.

The custom-built factory and staff embody this spirit and function as a close-knit group of professionals, from all racial and social backgrounds. Having grown from just two people, working from a tiny front room of a small house in central Cape Town, every new member of the team has become a vital addition to the NoMU family. The NoMU Factory was built specifically to meet the highest, international hygiene and quality standards. It is fully HACCP Accredited, Kosher and Halal certified. Structurally, the building was intended and designed to be able to flow easily between various tasks, depending on the complexity and scale of order volumes. The NoMU facility also has sufficient adaptability and room to grow and expand if necessary.

NoMU packaging Every member of our growing team has undergone stringent training in specific areas of production allowing each team member to swap between roles easily and efficiently. More than that even, NoMU staff form part of an extended family with each member having been recruited from a friend or family member. NoMU staff also enjoy various eccentricities and quirks in our unique company culture which includes regular dietetic and healthy-eating workshops, skills-development programs and additional skills training. Among various other peculiar traditions at NoMU, on your birthday they insist on you taking the day off and every Easter sees a traditional, no holds barred Easter Egg hunt throughout the warehouse.

Izimvo Interview

Q: Favorite South African brand?Q: Um, NoMU I guess - we live our brand and we believe in it but apart from that we can't exist without Mrs. Balls. However to be fair we are also quite partial to Goldfish and the Dirty Skirts: both great brands in their own right.

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