Nü Food - Waterfall Corner Store

Waterfall Corner, Corner of Woodmead and Maxwell Drive, Midrand, Gauteng



Nu (pronounced new) Health Food Cafe serves up the freshest global trends using only the finest local produce. Nu Food friendly atmosphere and comfortable, relaxed interior make Nu an inviting space for everyone.

Nu Food for health and wellness. Nu Food take it seriously. Very seriously. They for wholesome, nutritious food. Nu Food love making it, eating it, and serving it. They for sourcing the freshest local ingredients. Ones free of additives, colourants, hormones, GMO and MSG where possible. Nu Food for free range and sustainable farming practices. Nu is for a new me. A healthier me. A better me.

Only the very best ingredients make it to the menu. Like free range chicken sourced from a farm in Elgin, coffee hand roasted by people committed to fair trade and sustainability, and artisan bread baked in wood-fired hearth ovens in Woodstock. Well balanced, nutritious, and delicious. That’s how they make food.

Whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, chicken, fish or wheat, dairy, gluten or sugar-free. And yes, you’ll find all of these options on the menu. You’ll also find protein that’s lean and free range, fruit and vegetables that are fresh and locally sourced, and quinoa that’s gluten-free and nutritious.

There’s less cooking, more raw, natural goodness, and where possible, Nu Food meals carry a low glycaemic load.