Vegware Food Packaging

Workshop 17, 17 Dock Road, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8002



Vegware Eco-friendly food packaging and tableware made from plants.

Restaurateurs in Africa are beginning to put environmental issues at the top of the menu as they look for ways to cut food miles, reduce their carbon footprints and save the planet.

Plastic or paper packaging contaminated with food waste cannot be easily recycled and currently tends to go to landfill, causing environmental problems.

Vegware have solved this problem by creating compostable packaging which is suitable for organics recycling together with food waste. Made entirely from renewable or recycled plant sources, it can be composted in around six weeks.

Vegware is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of eco friendly catering disposables and food packaging. Vegware products are stylish, functional, economic and sustainable. The Vegware range spans cutlery through to tableware, napkins hot and cold drink cups, and takeaway packaging.