Yamada Sushi - Rivonia

Rivonia Junction, Corner Rivonia and Mutual Road, Rivonia, Gauteng


Yamada Sushi is gaining a good reputation at a rapid rate. The restaurant is getting well known for the sushi that is served.

Yamada Sushi is provides an affordable price to everyone. You can take your loveones and friends to Yamada sushi and be served by her master chef. You can all have a lovely evening at Yamada Sushi. Feel free and come and enjoy a relaxing evening at Yamada Sushi.

Yamada Sushi has comforting seating sections of interest, with nice view. Has a spacious area where both the young and adults can relaxed and have a glorious evening with cocktails that are rarely. It has a few tables with a roof to cover for rainy weather, so you can enjoy our delicious and well presented sushi or exotic Asian Cuisine with comfort.

Yamada Sushi is also a secluded restaurant where both you, your loveones, couples can share experience together.